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A Declaration of Freedom

The date of April 6 commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320, which asserted Scotland's sovereignty over English territorial claims, and which was an influence on the
 American Declaration of Independence.  The U.S. was attacked on Sept. 11th 2001 . The day following on the 12th , the majority of our citizens  proudly flew the stars and stripes unified against a common aggressor. The statement on this document holds as true today for any people, that stand against tyranny. Wear it proudly all year long.


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Special Features Sections  USMC , Freemason , U.S. Forces Tartans

Highland Gentleman's Furnishings  The important accoutrements for the properly outfitted Highland gentleman. Cuff links, pocket watches, flasks, tie bars, and our new Highland Jacket Keeper. To keep the front of your highland jacket together on those windy days.

Complete Scottish Store , The Kilt and Thistle Scottish Shoppe is not just a complete Highland Clothier and accessory center. You will also find  Celtic jewelryScottish Clan and Tartan Finder  and Clan items, foods and teas, CD's and Videos, books, bagpipes and accessories.   This is also a complete selection of Highland accessories.  

The "Kilt Shop"  This goes straight to our kilt section. And you have come to the right place. With thousands of satisfied kilt customers world wide,  we provide the best ,  true value for your hard earned dollar. We offer  only the best 100% wool kilts, woven and made in Scotland. At The Kilt & Thistle you are not an anonymous e-commerce purchase. The purchase of a kilt and the right accessories for you  is our mission in life. Our kilt makers customers include, Sir Sean Connery, Ewan McGregor, Samuel L. Jackson and Prince Charles.  We also offer many exclusive tartans like the new Freemason Universal Tartan.

 Highland Clothing Store , complete Highland Clothier and accessory center. Where you will find
 Ladies Clothing, kilted skirts , shawls, capes, scarves, sashes, brooches, and kilt pins.
Mens Highland Apparel  tieskilts, jackets, headwear, sporrans, sgian dubhs, belt and buckles, pins, brooches, sweaters, our famous Jacobite Shirt, and footwearScottish Clan and Tartan Finder . This is also a complete selection of Highland  accessories. Unlike many websites that claim to be a Scottish or kilt stores , we have a retail shop with over eleven years of experience and thousands of satisfied kilt customers. We have shipped our products to almost every country in the world. Let our experience and quality work for you 
 Our full Scottish Shop and catalog online. 

Welcome to our Irish Section. Irish tartans , Irish kilts, Irish sporrans and plenty of Irish accessories. 

Corporate Tartans:  Design and production of tartan products for your company, trade, academic institutions and organizations. 

Wholesale: Trade inquiries only,  for our wholesale division at Scotia Bay Trading.


 The Kilt and Thistle Scottish Shoppe

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There are many ways to contact us, email tartan@kilts.com  or go to our orders page for the many ways to order and contact us. We have ecommerce for many items at The Kilt & Thistle , but for those items that require measurements, we like to talk to our customers. We want your kilt and Highland Clothing  purchase to be a great experience.


To Place orders e-mail orders@kilts.com or Toll free US and Canada call 1-800-992-KILT (5458)
 OR FAX US AT 1-503-588-4033 or go to our Contact  Page by clicking on the mouse.

Send comments about this sites technical issues  to webmaster@kilts.com  with questions or comments. 
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