Argyll & Sutherland Badger Sporran


The MSF-1016M Sporran is made with top quality badger pelts and premium grade leather. This particular sporran is the ultimate in sporrans. It comes in two variations: civilian and military (shown). The tassels are made individually out of premium white horsehair. This sporran also has a functional opening pouch. Simply lift the head part of the front to gain access to the inside of the sporran. All L&M manufactured fur sporrans also include a leather and chain sporran strap included in the price.  $825.00
Allow four weeks for delivery.

bulletFur - Badger
bulletSporran Back - Highland Red Grain
bulletCantle - Brass Plated - Full
bulletTassels - Short White Brush Horsehair with Gilt Cones
bulletStrap - Brown/Brass Chain Strap Included

MSF-1016M $825.00



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