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Ladies Highland Clothing

As usual we provide a great selection of classic tartan kilt skirts. Tartan available in over a thousand Clan and Family tartans. All of our tartans are made in Scotland of 100% pure new worsted wool. All of our ladies skirts are hand tailored by Scotland's garment professionals.  


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Ladies Jabot Blouses an easy care blend of Cotton/Polyester with a lace cuff and large jabot lace and collar.

Ladies Highland Tartan Kilted Skirts   Choose from our stock range of kilted Day or Mini kilt skirts, or have any of the skirts shown custom made , just for you. Skirts shown  left to right: Hostess Skirt ( shown with matching shawl), Day Kilt Skirt, A-line tartan skirt,  our Mini  Kilt Skirt.

Ladies Hostess Skirt with Shawl

Ladies Day Kilt Skirt

Tartan A-line skirt

Ladies Tartan Mini Kilt

Aran Celtic Sweaters made by Carriag Dunn in Ireland . These beautiful sweaters are pure wool in Classic designs that never go out of style.

Ladies Highland Tartan Accents Scarves, Sashes,  Shawls, and many other Tartan accents to highlight your attire.



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