What do I wear with my kilt?


What do I wear?

The short answer is, anything you want. Or better, " what does she want you to wear"
But chance are, if you follow our guidlines on Highland clothing, she will follow you.

The helpful answer to this question is a bit more detailed, but still simple.

Follow two rules. 1) Dress for the occasion and 2) Dress for comfort.

Unlike pants, your kilt works in the same situation that jeans do, the same as a pair of khakis, or a tuxedo.

Itís kilt, it works for everything. Itís what you wear with it that makes the occasion.

The Pub with the guys.

Letís say you are going out to watch rugby at the local pub. Jeans? Well what do you wear with your jeans? First put on your kilt,

Put a rugby or polo shirt on , a casual brown sporran, let the rugby hang out , look casual , you will not need to wear your belt, dark kilt hose and a brown casual shoe or hiking boot.

There you go casual.

Casual Dinner with a date

Same pub, but this time you want to make an impression, your with someone special. Start with the kilt, if itís winter go with a nice fishernmanís crew neck sweater (you know the kind you can get at that great Scottish shop you know of) same sporran or mayby go with a semi-dress sporran with a fur front, wear dark kilt hose a dress oxford shoe or ghillie brogues. If summer instead of a sweater substitute a polo shirt or tweed or solid five button vest over a oxford shirt.

Steak House dinner same date (she was impressed the first time)

Put on a nice dress shirt, next that kilt, go with your belt and buckle this time, since the shirt should be tucked in to the kilt. This is where a Argyle jacket in solid or tweed, will look very sharp. Solid color tie, or no tie. That semi-dress or dress sporran. Fur front or all fur, if your lucky she will want to know how it feels. Creme kilt hose, dark flashes, dress shoes or ghillie brogues.


The rule of thumb here is, casual wedding dress casual, formal wedding dress formal.

Your Formal outfit

This is the same thing as a suit or tuxedo. Start with your kilt, dress shirt, and tartan tie that matches your kilt. Belt and buckle, dress sporran. Argyle jacket and vest, standard tie. Prince Charlie jacket use a tuxedo shirt and bow tie. Kilt hose and dress shoes or ghillie brogues.

Scottish Events

I separate these only because there is a few things that are different from other events when your at a Scottish or Irish event.

Highland Games or Celtic Festival.
Start with your kilt , put on one of our great looking jacobite shirts, white cotton has crisp look in the summer heat and the linen works very well in spring or fall. Belt and buckle and a casual leather sporran. That same pair of casual shoes you wore at the pub with the guys and kilt hose.

St. Andrews Dinner, Hogmanay, Tartan Ball
Your kilt

Argyle jacket and vest, dress shirt , standard tie solid or tartan.

Prince Charlie, tuxedo shirt, Bow tie.

Belt and buckle, dress sporran, kilt hose and ghillie brogues.

For all of the above , you wore the same kilt. For many of these events you wore the same accessories. As you can see an Argyle Jacket works for everything, a Prince Charlie is a Tuxedo jacket and is restricted to formal events.

So one of our first questions to you is, what kind of events are you primarily going to. Purchase those accessories first, then add as you can.




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