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Kilt Hose Flashes

The Kilt & Thistle Scottish Shoppes offers a premium kilt hose garter style flash.  Plain wool twill in all of the traditional colors. Whether you  wear modern colors or the old colors, our flashes will look great.  Our flashes are built like old fashioned quality garters with a wide elastic band and a metal closure, no Velcro here.  What color to choose? A good rule of thumb, is find a secondary color in your tartan and get a flash to match that. You'll be surprised  how it brings out that color.

Flashes  Wide elastic  band with adjustable buckle. Like the old garters for socks gentlemen wore. Available in Scarlet Red, Black, Navy blue,  Bottle green, and Ancient blue, Ancient green.  $ 22.95  pr.
  Tartan Flashes  are a very sharp accent for any look whether casual or dress. We are distributors for Scotland's most prestigious woolen mills. If you are buying your tartan flashes after the fact, we can match your flashes to your kilt. Tartan flashes are $45.00 per pair or $35.00 when you purchase your kilt from us.  Call 800-992-5458 or email us at tartan@kilts.com .

To Place orders e-mail orders@kilts.com or Toll free US and Canada call 1-800-992-KILT (5458)
 OR FAX US AT 1-503-588-4033 or go to our Contact  Page by clicking on the mouse.

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