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Ghillie Brogues

Please read before purchasing Ghillie Brogues from anyone. For the first few years we were in business, I hesitated handling ghillie brogues. Frankly I was very disappointed in the quality of the shoes available for kilt wear. The shoes commonly available,  I considered them nothing more than a novelty shoe. I am very picky about the quality of the merchandise I buy, and what I attach my name to.  Recently we renewed a relationship with a shoe manufacturer that had moved their operations to North America, expanded their offerings, improved their quality, and added a variety of widths. We call these shoes what they are , a good value. Or as the saying goes,  "you get what you pay for".  So some of their offerings are little higher in price, but much higher in quality.
Some sellers are careful to word it "imported from Scotland" , but that does not mean they were made there. We have been around a long time and know where the shoes are made. It really boils to the quality of the shoe.  So like anything else we try to get you the best quality for the money, we call it "true value".

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Ghillie Brogue Laces   Use for replacement or turn your regular street shoes into a Ghillie brogue look.
Have an extra pair for those emergencies that pop up. You can't buy these just anywhere.
T-1333  $12.95




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