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Glengarry Hats

Originally a military hat, the Glengarry has become the standard for most pipe bands and civilian kilt wearers. Despite what you might have heard , the is no rule about who can, or who cannot wear a certain type of hat. The military protocol was that the diced ( black, white and red checkerboard) was the hat for standard infantry. The plain glen was the hat worn by the pipers. Naturally  that rule was not followed by all the regiments as many had a different checkerboard colors.   It really does not matter whether you pick diced or plain, people will still ask you to play the pipes for them.
Duncan says: Naturally all of us that wear a kilt can play the pipes. I am surprised we don't offer the bagpipes and a kilt,  together as a set.

Infantry Glen The  Glengarry is often worn without respect to the actual heritage. And as a civilian you can wear either the diced or the plain black.  Few if any know the difference.
 We have found a excellent substitute. Much nicer than the Canadian Glens that are out there.

Price $45.00 each New Lower Price
Sizes 6 3/4 ( 54cm) to 7 3/4 (62cm)


The Pipers Glen  Available in plain black style at left.
We have found an excellent alternative to the Scottish made Glen. Still firm yet flexible side walls and good color.
Order online or contact us.

Sizes 6 3/4(54cm) to 7 3/4 (62cm)
Price $45.00 each New Lower Price



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