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Authentic Highland Jacobite Shirt

The Kilt & Thistle Jacobite shirt is made by us,  for our valued customers. We could not find anything this nice available in the market. We use only the finest 100% cotton, and heavy linen . We use quality construction with all seams being surged and finished, even on the inside.  We take the time to sew the button holes instead of those uncomfortable rivets. We use wooden buttons for a truly authentic look and feel.  The shirt was designed by a New York Costume designer using traditional patterns. The length is from the old patterns that were evidence the shirt did double duty as a night-shirt.

We have seen many shirt makers cheat by putting metal rivets for the lacing. Our forefathers did not have to put up with metal rivets and you should not either. We sew the holes for the real leather draw and we use real wooden buttons at the cuff.   A full highlander cut, with a tail long enough to wear under a kilt, even if that's all your wearing. This shirt is made very large for its size. For freedom of movement, and breathing room. The XXXL (frigin huge)  is for a Highland Athlete or person 300lbs. or larger or 60" chest or better.

All Sizes available in cotton or linen  fabrics
Cotton  $59.95
Linen    $69.95

WEE- small/medium ( up to 42" chest )
Not so WEE Large/Extra Large ( up to 54" chest )
Frigin Huge 
  56" chest and above
 available in both great fabrics  Add $10.00







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