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Kilt Packages

We offer the following packages as a help feature.  The Rock Your Kilt Packages are offered as a set package to be purchased as offered. The reason you get such a great price on the package.
Our Premium Line Packages are offered
 as you see it, or feel free to customize.
We will try to display optional items in the price range that still fit into the package price.
With our Premium Line Packages  you can customize all you want and modify the package price accordingly.
We offer the best customer service on the Web. You are actually encouraged to talk to us. You can email if you find it inconvenient to call. The point to all this is that you get the best kilt, accessories, and value for your hard earned dollar. We want you looking your best and want you telling your friends that we provided the great looking outfit you have on.             

Rock Your Kilt
Casual Outfit
Young Gents and those on a budget.
Acrylic Kilt and Great Value Accessories

Rock Your Kilt
Formal Outfit
Young Gents and those on a budget.
Acrylic Kilt and Great Value Accessories.

Lowlander kilt package starts at $645.00 
We offer a high quality yet affordable option 13oz. 5 yard wool kilt.
 It starts with the best looking and highest quality shirt on the market,

The Kilt & Thistle  Authentic Jacobite Shirt.

Daywear Highland Gentleman's Attire. The Gentleman's Classic Highland attire. A heavy 14oz. tweed Argyle style daywear jacket with gauntlet cuff. Premium Line Wool kilt.

Argyle Kilt outfit,.  The Argyle Jacket brings you whole wardrobe up a notch by simply adding this great looking jacket. This outfit works for day, evening and anywhere else. The Barathea 13oz. jacket is made to our specifications with gauntlet cuff. This a complete outfit , you need nothing else.

Formal Argyle Outfit.  This Argyle out fit is for a more formal look and evening wear. A dress sporran and high quality accessories.

Prince Charlie Outfit.  If you need a formal out fit for Burns Dinners , Tartan Balls, or Formal Tattoo, this one is perfect. You will have an outfit you can be proud to show off.

Masonic Outfit. We have the sharpest Masonic outfit available. I am just a little biased. But who else can offer you a kilt made by Sir Sean Connery's kilt maker and the same high quality accessories that you see here.



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