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Scottish & Irish Kilts

We take great pride in your kilt!

We can make you look just as dashing, Sean Connery or Ewan MacGregor.. 

Our kilt makers have also made kilts for  Prince Charles and movie star Samuel L.  Jackson.

We work hard at offering you a great value for your hard earned dollar. 
When you purchase a kilt from us you are automatically a member of our Kilt Buyers Club,  and you will receive a 10%  discount on all the other items you need to complete your first outfit.
Allow ten to twelve weeks for delivery on custom made kilts.

All of our Premium Line kilts are made of 13 or 16 oz. Wool Tartan. Made in Scotland.

The Kilt & Thistle Scottish shop now offers a wide range of merchandise.
 We have been offering the best of Scottish Quality since we opened in 1996. We are now offering a full range of merchandise and now introduce our Rock Your Kilt line for young gents,
 and those on a budget.  From head to toe we now offer a full line of kilts and accessories for those wanting to start their kilt wearing , but do not have the budget.
This works out well for the young gent that has an active life style and finds himself in those positions that may put an expensive kilt at risk.


Our Kilt Maker made these ! 

Can We make one for You ?

Sir Sean Connery


Ewan Macgregor


Check out Used & Overstock Section


8 yd. Highland Kilt

Lowlander Kilt

Rock Your Kilt Starter Kilt
Traditional Emblem Kilts

" All Celtic " Kilts

Irish Kilt


Kilt Tartan Fabrics

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 OR FAX US AT 1-503-588-4033 or go to our Contact  Page by clicking on the mouse.

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