Marine Leatherneck Tartan

First in Last Out
In 1775, the Continental Congress created two federal battalions of marines to serve as naval infantry. In 1798, the United States Marine Corps was established and placed under the control of the Secretary of the Navy. Marines have participated in every major war, especially the Mexican War; World War I; World War II; the Korean War; and the Vietnam War. They have developed expertise in counterinsurgency and guerrilla warfare, as well as in commando operations and amphibious warfare. Marine units are self-sufficient, with their own tanks and other armor, artillery, and air forces.

US Marines (Leathernecks)

One of a series of US Military tartans woven by the Strathmore Woollen Co. This tartan was accredited with the Scottish Tartans Society in 1985 and was designed by Bob Hall and R.H. MacLeod.





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