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Masonic Kilt Package


We are authorized distributors for the Freemason's Universal Tartan .  We have  Masonic items for every aspect of your outfit. We have a variety of sporrans with the Masonic Badge on them .    We now have the new Freemason Universal Tartan Available.  Go to our Masonic Tartan Page for more information.  Please see our Kilt Section for specific information. Also other jackets available in our  Jacket Section.  See our new Highland Masonic Section with many new items. All items can be substituted for items in our packages.


  8 Yard Dress Package   Casual Kilt Package


Full 8 yard kilt $650.00   Casual Kilt  $345.00
Prince Charlie with Vest
Black or Dark Blue Barathea Wool $345.00



Argyle in Black Barathea$ 295.00
Shown here with vest $395.00
 Sporran   $315.00


 Sporran $280.00
Ghillie Brogues  $145.00
Leather Sole
Ghillie Brogues $155.00
Rubber Sole

Items below are included in both Masonic packages

Cap Badge   $22.95
Belt   $49.95
Buckle   $49.95
Flashes any solid color   $24.95  
Kilt Hose   $32.95  
Sgian Dubhs Masonic Emblem Crest $89.95
Kilt Pin Masonic $22.95
Full 8 yard Package   Casual Package


Your Kilt Buyer Club Price   Your Kilt Buyer Club Price

Call us about discounted pricing

Argyle Vest List $ 125.00 Pkg Price  $ 100.00  
Tartan Flashes List 45.00 Pkg Price $ 35.00  
Fly Plaid List $150.00 Pkg Price $ 135.00  


Casual Masonic Classic Masonic  




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