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Tartan Poly/Viscose Blend Fabric

We offer blended ploy/viscose fabric for those that feel wool is a bit too much for the garment they are making.  The poly/viscose fabric , also known as PolyV duplicates the look of tartan far better than cotton. Nothing is a complete substitute for wool. But poly/viscose is the closest we have seen to give the tartan that three dimensional look that wool offers. The poly/viscose we offer is an 11oz. fabric duplicating the same weight as our recommended fabric for Ladies and Lassies skirts, scarves, sashes and other Ladies garments. Men's ties are often made of 10-11oz. fabric. Duncan says: This fabric is far too light for Men's kilts. We do not recommend that you substitute this fabric for 13oz. or 16oz. wool for kilts.  Yes other companies offer 10oz. kilts. That does not not make it right.

Poly/Viscose 11oz. fabric is sold by the meter  39" .
 The fabric width is 150 cms or 59" for those of us that still can't get the metric system.  The composition is low pill 65/35 poly/viscose , weave: 2/2 twill. 
 Price $45.00 per yard.
Select tartan and change quantity in the shopping cart.  You can order half yard increments by email at tartan@kilts.com or by phone at 800-992-KILT (5458).
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