Browse our unique range of Whiskey Hip Flasks for sale which can neatly fit into your sporran. If you need a Whisky Hip Flask, you’ll find one here at kilts.com. We pride ourselves on selling the finest pewter hip flasks. In terms of the designs we have, we have produced flasks for the Welsh, Irish and the Scottish whisky drinker. For the Welsh, we have got a Welsh dragon engraved on the front, and for the Irish, we have a Harp, as well as a Claddagh engraved flask on offer. For the Scottish, we have a Thistle hip flask, as well as a Lion Rampant option.

If you need a Sporran Flask, we have designed a range of flasks with a rounded bottom so that they fit neatly into your sporran. If you have any questions regarding the pewterware we sell, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to help.