Fly Plaids & Brooches

Our fly plaids and brooches are the perfect way to finish off your kilt outfit. Made in Scotland using the finest pewter, each brooch is made to be the true stand out piece of your outfit. Fly plaids are available in almost any tartan or plaid you require. A fly plaid is normally worn during formal occasions, and is commonly worn by the groom on their wedding day – if they decide to wear a kilt.

The fly plaid is normally held in place using a brooch. The brooch is also used by a female sash wearer to keep the sash in its position. We have a wide range of brooches to choose from and can even make a brooch with your clan crest on it – whether it is a Scottish or Irish clan. We want to offer the personal touch to complete your outfit. There are also some unique designs featuring 3D brooches which are sure to turn a few heads. Have a browse!