Law Enforcement

Browse our wide range of Law Enforcement kilt accessories. We also offer a Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Tartan which is ideal for any serving policeman to wear for formal events. We can produce this tartan in the custom made 5 yard kilt and the 8 yard kilt. It is also available from our Casual Kilt range. Once you have selected your kilt, you can then personalize it with a range of accessories.

We have produced Law Enforcement Kilt Belt Buckles, Kilt Pins, Cap Badges and Plaid Broochs. You will notice that we also have a unique range of Law Enforcement sporrans for sale. We take pride in our law enforcers, so we hope you love our range! If you have any questions about this collection, be sure to let us know by contacting us via email. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Customer service is so important to us.