We pride ourselves on our high quality custom made Masonic kilts and accompanying accessories.  You will notice that we have produced our very own range of belt buckles, sgian dubhs, brooches, kilts pins, and even a sporran chain strap!

In terms of Buckles, we have two excellent Masonic Kilt Belt Buckles – our traditional kilt belt buckle and our unique Sunburst Kilt Belt Buckle.

We have one Masonic brooch available. This is ideal for wearing on a fly plaid or can be worn on the kilt. The brooch we have produced uses a sunburst design to make it striking, yet stylish.

Our Cap Badge can be easily worn on your hat, but it can also be worn as a brooch. They are multi functional. The cap badges are made of high quality pewter in Scotland.

A Masonic Kilt Pin is essential to complete the lower half of your kilt outfit with the sporran. We have two pieces for you to choose from and both really accentuate and show off your pride!

Our striking Masonic Sporran will really be a talking point. Made in Scotland, it is unique to It has a high quality pewter Mason symbol fitted onto blue suede. The suede matches the color of the tassels that dangle down.

You will also notice that we have our very own Sgian Dubh kilt knife designed for a Mason.