Sgian Dubhs

The Sgian Dubh (kilt knife) is an essential accessory to complete your kilt outfit. You will find many attempts at the spelling from Skee n Doo to Skian Dubh to Skean Dubh. It is also known as a Scottish Dirk. The knife was traditionally used as a backup weapon by Scots. The modern way to wear the Sgian Dubh is to tuck it into your kilt sock or kilt hose. If you are right handed, it is customary to hear it in your right kilt sock.

Every Sgian Dubh we well is made in the UK. We have a wide range of kilt knives from imitation sgian dubhs without blades to our finest Sterling Silver kilt knife. You will also notice we have high quality Stag Horn products aswell. It is important to note that we have not sharpened the blades of our sgian dubhs for your safety, but they can be sharpened if you prefer to be a true Scottish warrior!

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