Choosing a sporran to go with your kilt is essential in order to complete your outfit. Because a kilt doesn’t have any pockets, a sporran usually carries your money, keys and phone while you wear the kilt. Each of the sporrans we sell are made in Scotland, so you are guaranteed to get an authentic product from the home of the kilt. Some of our sporran designs are unique to Kilts.com, and you won’t find them anywhere else.

Which Sporran should I choose?

It can be difficult to choose a sporran, but we are here to help you select the right one for your kilt or for your occasion. We have a wide range of Day, Semi Dress, Hunting and Dress Sporrans for sale. Each product we sell is tailored to a particular style. If you are looking for a casual sporran for example, you may wish to select a day sporran. For occasions such as weddings, a formal sporran may be best. Selecting a sporran is a great way to set your outfit apart from others, and show your clan with one of our custom clan crest sporrans.