Dress Sporrans

We have an exclusive range of Dress Sporrans for sale here at Kilts.com that we will know you will like. A formal kilt sporran is usually worn at big events, such as a wedding. The sporrans themselves tend to be oval in shape, and will make use of fur from various animals. There tends to be a metal cantle on top, which is often engraved with truly exquisite designs. The cantle is the metal piece of the sporran that sits above the fur front. Each Dress Sporran is designed to be functional, as well as being stylish, so there is plenty of room to store your possessions inside the sporran. The sporrans are also made to be long lasting and rugged. Each sporran also comes with its very own sporran chain. If you have any questions about our range of formal Dress Sporrans, please let us know by dropping us an email.

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