Horsehair Sporrans

Browse our unique range of Horsehair Sporrans for sale. Our Horse Hair sporran items tend to be worn by pipe bands who are looking to achieve a “military” look. These horse hair sporrans were worn by normal people in the 1800’s, but now these sporrans are only worn by the military, as well as pipe bands.

Each of our Horsehair Sporrans are made with pride in Scotland using only the finest raw materials. We are sure you will love our sporrans if you decide to go ahead and purchase one. Every sporran sold on comes with its very own high quality sporran chain, so there is no need to purchase one yourself. If you have any questions about the sporrans in this category, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also able to offer advice on which sporran will suit your look or your occasion. We are here to help and place a great emphasis on customer service.