Semi Dress Sporrans

Our Semi Dress Sporrans basically combine the laid back look of the Day Sporran with the formality of the Dress Sporran. This is the perfect middle of the road option and can be used at both casual and formal occasions. This means its a sporran for all occasions. This means you don’t have to buy more than one kilt sporran. These sporrans are half leather and half fur. The leather tends to form the basis of the flap of the Semi Dress Sporran, and the fur tends to form as the front panel of the sporran. Each sporran that you buy comes with its own sporran chain.

You will notice that some of these sporrans are more flamboyant than others. We thought we’d include a range that appeals to all kilt wearers. If you have any questions about out sporrans in this category, just send us a message and we would be delighted to help you answer your questions. Customer service is incredibly important to us.