Tartan Sashes & Shawls

Browse our extensive range of Tartan Sashes & Shawls for sale on Kilts.com. We will help you choose the perfect plaid sash or plaid shawl for your needs.

We have two different types of material. For those on a budget, you may wish to consider a Poly Viscose sash or shawl. This is a material that is a mixture of polyester and viscose, which is like wool, but is more hard wearing. If you are looking for high quality tartan sashes & shawls, then you may wish to consider buying a 100% wool product. There are more tartans available with the wool option than the poly viscose. But, because there are more tartans available for the woolen sash and shawl, it will take a few weeks to make, as each shawl and sash is custom made to order. As you can see, there are positives and negatives for each choice. If you require any advice, please let us know.

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