Tweed Kilt


Each kilt is custom made so expect 6 – 10 weeks delivery. Rush delivery possible.

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Tweed Kilt

Our Tweed Kilt is woven with pride in the UK & is ideal for people who prefer a modern version of the traditional kilt. The Tweed Kilts we sell are available in a wide range different tweed designs, so we are sure you will find the perfect design for you. We feel that the tweed kilt is a fantastic way to wear the kilt in a modern, and interesting way.

Our Tweed Kilts are expertly made from 5 yards of high quality wool and tweed woven in the UK. Each tweed kilt is custom made for you using your measurements that you provide and it comes with a tapered and fringed front apron. In terms of pleats, there are around 18-28 pleats which are approximately 1″ wide. For closing the kilt, it makes use of a three buckle closure. The Tweed Kilt is made with two belt loops which are fitted on the kilt to allow you to wear a kilt belt. Our solid colored kilts are quite in fashion these days!

If you buy one of our Tweed Kilts, we’d recommend that you buy a Tweed Jacket with it as well to complete your outfit.

Before ordering your Casual Kilt, we would ask you to look over the kilt measuring instructions. Because each kilt ordered is made to measure to your exact requirements, we are not able to refund any purchases that make use of wrong measurements.


Tweed Kilt Specifications

Our Tweed Kilt has the following specifications:

– We use 5 yards of Tweed cloth used in your chosen design. All tweeds and wool are proudly woven in the UK.

– The tweed kilt makes use of the traditional ‘three buckle closure’ that you would expect with a normal tartan kilt.

– The kilt is also Top stitched and is lined with cotton twill material (9oz) to provide comfort for the kilt wearer.

– We have fitted high quality leather straps for holding your kilt in place.

– You will notice that the Tweed Kilt makes use of a double fringe on the front apron

– There are two 4″ loops on the back of the kilt which allows you to wear a kilt belt with this modern take on the traditional kilt.

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