Welsh Gold Semi Dress Sporran


Ships in 24 Hours. The waist measurement needed is the actual waist measurement, not your pants size.  Typically, your pants will be 2 to 4 inches smaller than your actual measured waist.

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Our Welsh Gold Semi Dress Sporran is made in Scotland by one of the World’s best Sporran Makers. The sporran is made of high quality leather, and has rabbit fur on the front panel. There are also two black Persian lamb tassels for added luxuriousness. We have created a golden Welsh dragon for the flap of the sporran, which matches the golden tassel chains. It is possible to wear the Welsh Gold Semi Dress Sporran with both white and yellow metals, depending on your preferences, so we made the tassel cones silver, as well as the studs. This enables you to wear a traditional Welsh Prince Charlie jacket (which has gold buttons) and a normal Prince Charlie Charlie jacket with silver buttons.

The Sporran comes with its own sporran chain.

Product Specifications

– Made in Scotland – the home of the kilt.
– 100% Real High Quality Leather
– Product Dimensions of 8″ high X 7.25″ wide X 2.75″ deep

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