Women’s Mini Kilt – Wool


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Our Women’s Mini Kilt is made of the finest wool and is available in over 1000 different tartans. We wanted to make a women’s kilt that was modern and fashionable, yet keeps features that you’d expect from a traditional kilt.

The Women’s Mini Kilt is made of 13 oz. tartan material, which is carefully and proudly woven in the UK.

The mini kilts tend to be worn lower on the hips and the average mini kilt has between 10 & 18 pleats, measuring approximately 1.5 inches to 2 inches wide.  This product is shorter than a traditional kilt worn by men, with the average length of approximately 16 inches. The mini kilt is able to close using a Velcro closure system on the inside hip on the left, with the traditional straps & buckles on the right outside hip.

It is vitally important that you measure up for this kilt properly. Please ensure you browse the measuring instructions. Each mini kilt is made to order, so we can’t refund if you provide incorrect sizes.

Product Specs for Women’s Mini Kilt

– 13 or 14 oz. tartan wool material used for each kilt.

– All tartan material woven in the UK.

– 3.5 to 4 yards of cloth.

– You can expect pleat width to be 1.5″ – 2″.

– Selvedge edge is a tuck selvedge OR are hemmed if the selvedge is fringed.

– Velcro closure on the left and a traditional buckle closure setup can be found on the right.

– Over 1000 tartans to choose from.

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