Each product offered for sale on Kilts.com will fall into one of two categories, namely:

  • Ready Made
  • Custom

A ready made product is a product that requires no customization. For example, a pair of Ghillie Brogue Kilt Shoes don’t require any customization. A custom product is a product that is especially made for you. For example, this may be a kilt with a tartan chosen by you that matches your exact measurements.

Ready Made Products

– A ready made product can be returned within 30 days of the posting date. It must have all the original tags on it with its original packaging, if it has tags or a box. It must be undamaged and be in a resalable condition.

– Resalable condition is defined as: item can’t be washed, dirty, worn, ripped, have spots on it, have the tag off or anything else that would prevent us from selling it to someone as “new”.

– If you return a product in a resaleable condition within the 30 day period, you can either ask for an exchange or a refund.

– Kilts.com does not offer a refund on shipping charges for returned items. If you’d like to exchange an item, there will be an additional shipping charge to ship the new item.

– If you have purchase Ghillie Brogues, they must be returned unworn and returned with the shoebox inside of another box. If you are unsure whether the Ghillie Brogues will fit you, wear them for five minutes on a carpet indoors.

– For sanitary reasons, our range of Kilt Hose (Kilt Socks) are not returnable if opened.

If you would like to return or exchange an item, please email contact@kilts.com prior to shipping the item back to discuss your options. You must contact us before shipping the product back to us. We will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items.

Custom Products

We do not offer refunds or exchanges on Custom products. A custom product includes, but is not limited to:

  • Kilts made to your measurements (if you provide any measurements, the kilt has been custom made for you and you alone)
  • All tartan & clan crest items (flashes, plaids, sashes, shawls, etc)
  • All jackets and vests which require custom sizes. This includes all tweed jackets and/or vests and clan crest items, sized jewelry etc.

– We stress the importance of proper measuring on the site and in the measuring instructions. As stated above, we do not offer a return on a custom made product. If for example you receive a kilt that doesn’t fit you, there are two possibilities as to why this happened, namely:

1. The kilt that we made for you wasn’t made to the measurements that you provided when ordering the product. If this happens (very rare occurrence), we will of course replace the kilt or adjust the kilt to the original measurements given. This will be at our cost (this includes shipping to us and sending out again).

2. If we produced a kilt that had incorrect measurements provided by the customer, we can adjust the kilt to your size, but this will incur a charge which will vary based on the adjustments required, and there will be a charge for return shipping. If the difference in the measurements are found to be too large or if the kilt is found to be not adjustable, you will have to reorder a new kilt. The original price of the kilt paid will not be refundable.

If one of those two scenarios takes place, when you ship the kilt back to us, we will take steps to remeasure it and compare the sizes of the kilt to the measurements on file.

Important: If you send us an item that needs to be re-sized and it needs to be cleaned, this will incur a $25 charge to clean the product. This includes, but is not limited to, animal hair, stains or anything we deem “needs to be cleaned.” If in doubt, please contact us or wash it (if the product is machine washable) or Dry Clean it prior to sending the product back.

If you have received a custom item that doesn’t fit, please email contact@kilts.com prior to sending the item back to us. We will discuss your options and issue return instructions. It is important that you do not under any circumstances send the product back before contacting us first. If you do, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Gift Certificates:

We do not offer a refund for a gift certificate. They are transferable to another person if you would like to offer the gift certificate to a friend or family member.