Because of the large number of tartans we have for sale, we have abbreviated the name of each tartan. Each tartan has four pieces of information underneath the image of each tartan:

Clan Name – This is the name of the Clan Tartan (e.g. MacAlister)

Color Palette – This is either Ancient (Anc), Modern (Mod), Muted or Weathered.

Mill – This is the Mill that the Tartan is made in. We have Hoe (House of Edgar), Loch (Lochcarron), Str (Strathmore), MM (Martin Mills), Bat (Batley), DCD (Dalgliesh), WTC ( Welsh Tartan Center)

Material Weight – This is the weight of the tartan fabric we use, which is either 13oz, 14oz or 16oz. 13oz being the lightest, and 16oz being the heaviest.